Are you unable to spend quality time with your family and friends? Is it disturbing your inner peace too?
Are you worried that weeds will take over your crop this year too?

Apiro Forte is for those progressive Rice growers of India, who are looking for a one pass solution, ease of application & an effective control of broad spectrum weeds to help the crop to get right nutrients without competition of weeds.


Apiro forte is a first class powerful weedicide with a unique combination of 2 advanced herbicides.

Peace from hassles in spraying

Peace from tough weeds

Peace from weeds in single shot

Success can be achieved only with peace of mind.
Apiro Forte is the assistance for that path.

Apiro Forte complete information

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Common questions about apiro forte

Usage FAQs

Which crop can Apiro Forte be used in?
Transplanted Rice
When to apply?
Within 5-7 days after transplanting when weed stage is at 1 leaf stage of grass weed
Dose and water volume?
Apiro Forte 150ml / acre with 2 L water / acre
Application method?
Splash (2 full splash bottles / acre)


1. lt is recommended to use this herbicide in flooded soil conditions with water level of minimum 5 cm at the time of application
2. Keep good water management for better tillering & grain yield during early stage of rice crop
3. Do not drain the water from the treated field for at least upto fifteen days after application
4. Rinse the splash bottle thrice after use to diminish the chemical
5. Keep the rinsed empty splash bottle at safe place and out of reach to children
6. Do not reuse the splash bottle
7. Empty pesticide containers should be cut, buried away from source of water, in the soil pit

Recommended weeds

Apiro Forte is here to make your farm devoid of worrisome weeds. One simple and significant decision at the right time is just one step away from attaining complete peace from weeds!

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